Download Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas - RePack Version

Download Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas - RePack Version

  Year: 2005 
  Genre: Action [Shooter] / Racing [ Cars] / TPS [3rd Person] 
  network game: Yes 
  Developer: Rockstar North 
  Publisher: Rockstar Games 
  Localization: 1C 
  publication Type: license 
  Language: Russian / English 
  French / German / Italian 
  voice Language: English 
  Supported operating Systems: Windows 2000 SP1 / XP SP1 / Vista / Seven 
  support the x64: There 

  Five years ago Carl Johnson escaped from the Los -Santosa (state of San Andreas) 
  - city crime, drugs and corruption, where even movie stars 
  and millionaires have any means to protect themselves from extortionists 
  and gangsters. Beginning of the 1990s. Carl returns home. His mother was 
  killed, the family split up, my friends are in trouble, but against him 
  made a false accusation of murder. To return the family 
  and restore the old context, Carl goes on a dangerous trip to 
  San Andreas: it should in no matter what was 
  to win the streets of the state. 

 Features RePack: 
 - Do not cut / no recoded 
 - built translation of the Team 0.56 SanLtd 
 - Unlocked option to change the language 
 - Added languages: English, French, German, Italian 
 - img-files are taken from the European license 
 - built Multiplayer SA-MP 0.3e 
 - built-in multiplayer the MTA 1.3.1 
 - built module the cLEO 
 - added mod Coffee 2.1 the Hot 
 - added cleo-fashion [100 pieces] 
 - added trainers, utility ... 
 - added a handy launcher 
 - Unlearning game disc 
 - re-drawn icon games + 1 new 

 Additional information: 
  If the mouse will fail, the check is not blocking 
  if eheshnik games antivirus / firewall. Or try 
  to run in compatibility mode c Windows 98 / ME! 

  If the game will not work save function, 
  then try disabling UAC / DEP / Anti-Virus / Firewall! 

  If you have K-Lite Codec Pack, it can not 
  play introductory videos. To fix 
  this bug, go to the ffdshow settings and add 
  zapusknoe game files to the exceptions. Also, sometimes 
  it helps to disable desktop composition. 
  The latter method is relevant for Windows Vista and above. 

  Some glitches are treated by removing the file: 
  - My Documents \ GTA San Andreas User Files \ gta_sa.set 

  Conservation games lying here My Documents \ GTA San Andreas User Files 
  Fashion and other buns, lie in the directory with the game, in the bonus folder.